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Papa? What's happened where am I?

I'm scared.


Maybe this will kill the ants...

There we go.

I've set my special Timed Poison cooking around the ship's deck. Ipin suggested that it would get back to the queen and kill her. We'll see soon enough if it works.

Oh Nanami, you can try it too of you're hungry. I'm sure a princess like yourself has enough love to withstand it.
I have finally arrived on the family ship. That Killua guy was very helpful.

Something smells awful....Is that a hole in the deck?

No matter, I'll gather information later. Reborn is somewhere on this ship and I am going to find him!

OOC Log: Poison Cooking Campfire Style

Who: Bianchi and Killua
What: Informative rescue
Where: a random summer island, to the mini, to the fleet
Why: Because Bianchi was stranded and desperately wants to find her love and her brother

PoisonCollapse )
Where am I?

Reborn and Hayato are no where to be found and it would seem as though I've landed on a tropical island, a rather small one at that.

I can see a large ship like the picture that used to be on father's wall and there's another beside it. I wonder if their friends or foes? If their my friends or foes?

Where is my dear Reborn?

No matter, I'm sure I can get a ride on one of the ships. I'll just offer to cook for them and tell them of my love. They'll be so moved that they'll immediately aide me in my search.

What an excellent plan! Now to build a fire  and grab their attention.